How Do Websites Make Money And How Does It Work?

One very important question that many who want to start a business online ask is “how do websites make money”. Many who first begin and try to make a living online don’t know the process. Learning the process is essential as this is how many who want to start their business will find products and get paid from them. There are various places to find products from, these places are called Affiliate Networks. Vendors or merchants are those who create the products which have a joint agreement with the Affiliate Networks to be able to offer these products to their affiliates. In other words an affiliate is one who promotes these products for them and gets paid a commission for it. To understand this process lets take a look at it more closely.

When one wants to make money from a product on their website they will look for products related to their niche or hobby. They will most likely sign up (usually for free) with one of the many Affiliate Networks that carry a variety of products for their affiliates to promote. These products come from people who either create them or manufacture them. They are called merchants or vendors and have an arranged agreement with the Affiliate Networks to display and keep track of their product. When one chooses a product from these Affiliate Networks they will give the affiliate a unique tracking code that is within the ad they are going to promote. Those who have a website or blog can then promote the product with their unique affiliate code or id that is already created within the ad. How one chooses to advertise it is up to the affiliate as long as it doesn’t violate the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Networks. When a visitor comes to the website and clicks on the ad a cookie (no not an edible cookie but a piece of information) is placed on their computer. This cookie carries information that is tracked by the Affiliate Network which allows them to give credit to the affiliate for the sale.

Hopefully by now you are not asking “how do websites make money” instead you are asking yourself “how can I do the same to make money”. Learning this process is easy but is more understandable when done in real life. Finding good products to promote can take some time and a little searching. As long as you find products to promote within your niche on your website you will find that monetizing it can be rewarding.